The Conservation Trust for North Carolina and 22 local land trusts protect the places we all love across our beautiful state – rivers and streams, family farms, forests and wildlife habitat, beaches, wetlands and marshes. We work closely with interested landowners and rely on partnerships with state and local governments and the support of generous individuals and foundations.

Safeguarding Clean Water

riverConserving land along streams prevents pollution and is one of the most cost-effective ways to preserve the quality of drinking water downstream. Healthy forests and undeveloped stream banks absorb pollutants, trap sediments, and help control stormwater runoff. Natural areas moderate water quantity as well, because rain water sinks slowly into the ground, reducing flooding and providing “recharge” during periods of drought. North Carolina’s land trusts have focused for years on identifying and conserving high priority lands along creeks and rivers to benefit water quality and quantity. Read more about land trusts’ efforts to protect water quality.

Protecting Farmland

farm with silosCTNC and local land trusts work closely with farmers and government agencies to protect active family farms. Preserving working farms ensures an abundant supply of fresh and local foods, and safeguards an essential element of North Carolina’s economy, cultural heritage, scenery and natural environment. Agriculture is the state’s top industry, and land trusts work to conserve family farms to help keep it that way. Read more about farmland preservation.

Preserving Scenic Byways

Beautiful Scenic Byways criss-cross North Carolina. Local land trusts have created conservation plans for numerous scenic byways, and are working with landowners to conserve priority lands visible to passersby. Preservation of farms and forests along NC’s Scenic Byways will maintain an important driver (so to speak) in the state’s booming tourism economy.

CTNC focuses its own land protection efforts on preserving the natural and scenic corridor of the Blue Ridge Parkway, the only National Scenic Byway in North Carolina. Read about our efforts to save the Parkway.