Conservation Buyers Network

Our conservation buyers network links conservation-minded buyers with properties on the market that are under a lasting conservation agreement or will be placed under such an agreement at the time of sale.

This program enables community members who share our goal of protecting North Carolina’s natural and rural landscapes to participate in, and directly benefit from, land conservation. This program informs potential buyers of ecologically valuable properties for sale and provides the appropriate contact information.

For Sale by Owner: Property available adjoining the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The property consists of two parcels located in Altamont Acres, each with frontage on Brushy Creek Road, a privately maintained paved road. The first, Parcel 6, is approximately 19.32 acres, fully wooded with mature hardwoods and a small stream. The other, Parcel 7, is approximately 14.78 acres, also with mature hardwoods, two small streams and dramatic rock formations. Both parcels are under conservation easement with the Conservation Trust for North Carolina and are situated roughly in the center of 114 acres under similar protection. The two parcels share a common border and all other borders are either with land protected under conservation easement or National Park Service property (Blue Ridge Parkway, directly under the North Toe River Valley overlook, Milepost 318.4). Parcel 6 has two pre-approved home sites and can be subdivided once. Parcel 7 has one pre-approved home site and cannot be subdivided. Parcel 7 has a recently completed one half mile long gravel driveway (14 feet wide with 10 foot wide gravel surface, over-sized drain culverts and underground utilities). The home site on Parcel 7 has been prepared for building with electrical power and water reservoir in place. All three home sites face southwest and have beautiful distant views (with selective trimming) across the Toe River Valley to the Black Mountain Range. These properties are located 1.6 miles from Linville Falls and 6.3 miles from Spruce Pine.

Parcel 6 is available for $116,000. Parcels 6 and 7 are available as a package for $335,000. Parcel 7 is not available by itself.

Contact: George D. Edens at (919) 656-8942 for more information.