Conservation Buyers Network

Our conservation buyers network links conservation-minded buyers with properties on the market that are under a lasting conservation agreement or will be placed under such an agreement at the time of sale.

This program enables community members who share our goal of protecting North Carolina’s natural and rural landscapes to participate in, and directly benefit from, land conservation. This program informs potential buyers of ecologically valuable properties for sale and provides the appropriate contact information.

If you are interested in a specific property listed here, please use the contact information in the listing to get more information. 

Cleveland County

Brecht Farm

Brecht Farm

The 38.1-acre property (PIN 61109) lies just north of Shelby near Waco. This tract is unimproved field and forestland on the east side of NC Highway 150 (Cherryville Road) between Fielding Road (S.R. 1918) and Ridge Road (S.R. 1915). The property is fairly flat and contains 27.2 acres of mixed upland pine-hardwood and oak-hickory, and 10.9 acres of agricultural field currently leased to a local farmer. There are small creeks in the forested area. The property will be sold subject to a conservation easement that will limit the number of homes and require undisturbed buffers along the creeks.

Contact: Rusty Painter at Conservation Trust for North Carolina (, 919-828-4199 x16).