Land Trusts are Hiring!

As of August 23, 2017, here are announcements for open positions with land trusts. Check them out below!

Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy Farmland Protection Director

SAHC is committed to building a network of protected farms in western North Carolina and east Tennessee, to enable the region’s agricultural heritage and economy to flourish for future generations. To achieve this, we purchase conservation easements (CE’s) on working farms and forestland, using federal, state and local grants, leveraged with private philanthropic contributions and donations of value by the landowners. Proceeds of these transactions provide capital for farmers to develop their agricultural businesses, supporting long-term productive use of farmland rather than losing it to real estate development. Sometimes SAHC purchases farmland to protect it from development. The Farmland Protection Director leads this work, coordinating closely with other SAHC staff.

The Farmland Protection Director works to advance SAHC’s Farmland Protection Program and complete CE’s on key farms, and is supervised by the Executive Director.

Responsibilities: The Farmland Protection Director is responsible for creating and implementing an annual work plan for SAHC’s Farmland Protection Program.


  • Bachelor degree & experience in land stewardship & management, farming, agricultural agencies, conservation and real estate. Four or more years of professional land trust and sustainable agriculture-related experience.
  • Ability to develop work plans, project budgets, and manage projects. Close attention to detail and accuracy, with strong organizational abilities. Ability to complete projects within deadline and established budget.
  • Grant-seeking skill. Familiarity with Federal and State agricultural grant programs
  • Tact, diplomacy and negotiating skill. Ability to maintain forward momentum in delicate situations, and to effectively communicate information to someone who may disagree or dislike what is being said, without alienating that person, and to persuade him or her to understand the situation from a new perspective.
  • Knowledge of sustainable agriculture practices, agricultural Best Management Practices for water quality, the local food system in WNC, and local agriculture-related issues.
  • Persistence, sense of humor, and entrepreneurial spirit. Ability to balance and pursue multiple projects simultaneously. High tolerance for meeting competing demands efficiently, without becoming flustered.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, including public speaking. Ability to communicate effectively with people, organizations, and agencies. Negotiation skill and experience preferred.
  • Desire and talent for working as part of a team. Enthusiastic, creative, self-motivated individual able to work independently and with coworkers and volunteers, and to motivate these colleagues.
  • Ability and commitment to maintain confidentiality.
  • Valid driver’s license required with acceptable DMV record.

To Apply: Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume with salary history or salary requirements, and three professional references to Carl Silverstein – Please include “Farmland Protection Director” in subject line. No phone calls please.

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Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy “Connecting People with Land” Program Associate

SAHC recently adopted a strategic goal of Connecting People with Land, to advance opportunities for people to gain access to land for farming, outdoor recreation, and outreach in support of SAHC’s conservation mission. We have appointed a Connecting People with Land Committee consisting of SAHC Trustees and other volunteers, which helps guide our activities furthering the goal.

We are implementing various programs to connect people with land, ranging from helping qualified farmers secure land to farm to improving facilities at SAHC-owned properties for people to visit and stay overnight, in order to enjoy outdoor recreation for their health, fitness and wellbeing. We aim to utilize several of our properties to produce income, in order to offset some of the costs of owning, managing, and making SAHC preserves and farmland available for people to experience. A key element of this strategy is short-term rental of certain SAHC facilities. We have an immediate need for a Program Associate to implement our strategic goal of Connecting People with Land.

Responsibilities: The Program Associate works collaboratively with the Associate Director and other staff to:

  1. Plan, arrange, and oversee improvements at SAHC Community Farm events venue and nature preserves, and manage these properties for listing as short-term vacation rentals, weddings and other special events:
  • Assist with evaluating structures at nine (9) SAHC properties. Make decisions in coordination with SAHC staff on how to meet program goals, and implement best options. SAHC potentially may acquire additional properties.
  • Oversee making necessary repairs to facilities.
  • Obtain furniture for facilities as needed.
  • Improve yards and grounds at facilities, and arrange for ongoing mowing, weed-eating, invasive plants removal, and other grounds management.
  • Identify contractors where needed, review plans and costs with SAHC Associate Director, and oversee work.
  • SAHC’s Community Farm is a high initial priority for the position. This includes completion of the education center, kitchen, outdoor events venue and furnishing the residence for overnight guests.
  • Recruit a caretaker/farmer/host for SAHC’s Robinson Rough preserve and other preserves as needed.
  • Develop hiking and other recreational experiences for visitors to the preserves.
  • Oversee removal of one or more non-performing structures if appropriate and cost-effective
  1. Create and implement programs for short-term vacation rentals and weddings/special events.
  • Advertise SAHC’s short-term vacation rental at the Community Farm and other preserves.
  • Develop program for weddings and other special events at the Community Farm.
  • Determine how to manage rental calendar.
  • Evaluate options and implement best options for cleaning between rentals, ongoing repairs and maintenance of the properties, and other aspects of property management.
  • Initiate process of short-term rental of SAHC facilities at other preserves in the Highlands of Roan.
  1. Manage process of making improvements to SAHC’s office building and ongoing maintenance of the office.
  1. Work cooperatively with, and maintain good communications with other staff and Board members.
  • Serve as staff liaison to SAHC’s Connecting People with Land
  • Perform other responsibilities and activities as deemed appropriate by the Executive Director and Associate Director.

Job Category: 30 hours/week full-time employment, with benefits.

To Apply: Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume with salary history or salary requirements, and three professional references to Kristy Urquhart – Please include “Connecting People with Land Program Associate” in subject line. No phone calls please.

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Katawba Valley Land Trust Executive Director

Position Summary: The Katawba Valley Land Trust (KVLT) is seeking an Executive Director with exceptional leadership and management experience. Currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, KVLT has protected almost 10,000 acres in five counties in the Catawba River Valley and surrounding areas of South Carolina from its base in Lancaster.  Duties of the Executive Director include working with the Board of Directors to manage and grow all aspects of the land trust operations including fundraising, membership management and development, grant writing, easement negotiations, property stewardship, public communications, and volunteer management.  Educational qualifications include college degree or higher, with relevant experience.  At present, the Executive Director is the sole employee of KVLT. The land trust office is located in Lancaster, S.C.

Qualified individuals should send a cover letter, resume, and three professional references by September 22, 2017 to: Katawba Valley Land Trust, P. O. Box 1776, Lancaster, S. C. 29721-1776. See for more details on the organization or contact the office at (803) 285-5801 or via email at

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