DCIP Spotlight: Meet NCCLT Intern Genevieve Barnes!

During Summer 2017, CTNC hired 19 interns for full-time, 10-week, paid internships through the Diversity in Conservation Internship Program to provide hands-on opportunities for students to gain the skills and experience necessary for a successful career in conservation. The program aims to increase racial and ethnic diversity within conservation organizations and engagement with groups underrepresented in conservation careers. Meet Genevieve Barnes, a 2017 intern with the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust.

As a returning Diversity in Conservation Internship Program (DCIP) intern, Genevieve Barnes now considers herself to be a champion and avid promoter of conservation.

“I know that I’ve gained a greater source of knowledge within the conservation field,” she told us. “I am an advocate for conservation because I know how important it is to save water and land resources that make our planet exist today.”

“Many of the natural areas around the world are becoming eradicated from history through time. I think it’s very imperative for everyone in the world to protect habitats and natural areas.”

This year, Barnes worked with the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust as the Marketing & Development Intern in Wilmington, sharing the work of land trusts and the importance of conservation with more North Carolinians. Last summer she served as the Rosenwald School Intern with the NC State Historic Preservation Office.

Barnes studied Communications for both her undergraduate and graduate studies at UNC-Greensboro. “I love how the communication field is a very broad area in which this major is applicable to any career field.”

Using her skills in communications, Genevieve has spread the word on conservation issues, specifically mentioning how “vital it is for all generations to know about the importance of conservation and how it can affect younger generations.”

Barnes starts each workday by greeting everyone in her office. Her favorite days are when she gets to go out in the field, including canoeing for the first time on the Waccamaw River to celebrate the NC Coastal Land Trust’s 25th Anniversary. “The Waccamaw River is such a special place with many endangered animals that live and thrive in our state. Overall, that was an unforgettable experience, which is something that I will always cherish as part of my summer internship.”


When she’s not in the office, Barnes loves to go hiking, as “being outside with nature” gives her a “comforting mechanism to reflect on my life and it allows me to see how beautiful nature can be throughout the many seasons of the year.”

We can’t wait to see how Genevieve continues to advocate for conservation and works to save the places you love across North Carolina!

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