NC Youth Conservation Corps


CTNC and the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps have partnered to create the NC Youth Conservation Corps, now in its second year. This is a comprehensive youth development program that uses the natural world as a platform for teaching environmental stewardship, job and life skills, leadership, community service, and personal responsibility.  Small groups of 8-10 young adults work outdoors under the close supervision of highly trained adult leaders on high priority conservation projects. This summer we’ve deployed four crews of young adults (16-24 years old) for 7-week paid jobs living and working in the outdoors to improve public access to conserved lands. One crew is working at three state parks in the coastal plain, another is at three state parks in the northwestern mountains, a third crew is in the Triangle, and the fourth crew is splitting its time between Spencer and Hickory Nut Gorge.

Why a North Carolina Youth Conservation Corps?

There is a range of programs that use nature to teach preschool and elementary age children, but few programs for teenagers and young adults.  Young people need employment and work training opportunities that teach personal responsibility and accountability.  There is abundant evidence that young people also need opportunities to connect with and appreciate the natural world.  Outdoor experiences address a host of unprecedented “indoor living diseases,” such as obesity, stress, and depression. YCC programs are proven to be effective at nurturing a conservation ethic in young people while also providing valuable enhancements to our protected lands.

Why CTNC and the North Carolina Land Trusts?

dscf8017Land trusts are grassroots organizations that help create healthy and whole communities through land and water protection.  Traditionally that has meant protecting land for clean drinking water, wildlife habitat, locally grown foods, parks, and trails.  Today it also includes creating pathways for connecting people to those natural lands.  CTNC will work with 23 local land trusts to identify high priority conservation projects and community partnerships to give youth opportunities for employment, education, community service, and leadership. What better way to strengthen the land trust mission than to cultivate a new generation of conservation leaders to steward our community’s treasured lands?

What Can You Do? Help Sponsor a Crew!

Your donation in support of the NCYCC will help young adults gain the following benefits:For a day, a week, even a month! (This covers all direct costs – crew members, crew leaders, transportation, supplies, food, management, and insurance)YCC for web donate -One Crew Member for One Day = $160 -One Crew for One Day = $1,600 -One Crew for One Week = $11,000 -One Crew for One Month = $44,000 Your donation in support of the NCYCC will help young adults gain the following benefits: -Summer jobs for resumes and internship credit -Meaningful outdoor experiences -Supervised work experience with diverse colleagues -Natural resource education -Career education -Community service, hard but rewarding work

2014 Sponsors

The Woodson Family

The Vermont Youth Conservation Corps

Great Outdoor Provision Company

 Kulynych Family Foundation

Pepsi Bottling Ventures

The Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation, Inc.

Columbia Sportswear




 The NCYCC was created in loving memory of Martha A. Woodson.