About CTNC

What makes CTNC unique?

CTNC, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization,  takes a two-pronged approach to land conservation to help protect spectacular mountain vistas, pristine streams, healthy forests, family farms, and other treasured places that North Carolinians love.

We are a land trust, and we focus our direct protection efforts on the mountain streams, forests, and scenic views along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Working with landowners who want to conserve the land they love, we’ve protected over 30,000 acres (roughly 30,000 football fields) in 40 places on the Parkway.

Asheville watershed

Asheville watershed

We’ve helped conserve the drinking water supply watersheds for Asheville (17,000 acres) and Waynesville (8,000 acres).  We have conveyed to the National Park Service (or other public agencies) 26 properties (over 3,000 acres) that have been incorporated into the Parkway’s official boundary, to be enjoyed by the public forever.



Second, we promote, assist and represent 23 local land trusts so that they can conserve more land in the communities they serve.

Cold kidsNorth Carolina’s land trusts comprise a sophisticated network of creative, accomplished organizations that work tirelessly to preserve lands in the communities they serve. Collectively, our state’s land trusts (including CTNC) have conserved over 350,000 acres in more than 2,000 locations, in all 100 counties. These special places will provide clean water, clean air, local foods, and opportunities for recreation and renewal for generations to come.

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Land protection, advocacy, assistance, leadership – CTNC’s special role in conservation.